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27 Pay Periods in 2020

Our company will have 27 pay periods in 2020 for our bi-weekly payroll. A question has come up as to whether we take garnishments on the 27th period. This question does not include arrears garnishments as I think we deduct them regardless. Since the bi-weekly amounts are generally based off an annual amount divided by 26, should we turn the garnishments off for that 27th period?

Let me know your thoughts.



  • I would first of all very carefully read the actual order(s) and not assume that they are all the same. If the answer still is not clear, I would then contact the court(s) in writing and ask them.

    I would strongly assume that there is a monthly target that should not be exceeded. Sort of the same as if there is a weekly payroll and 5 weeks in the month (four times a year) that the fifth week is not deducted for garnishments unless withholding is otherwise short. HOWEVER your court does not care about my opinion, or yours either. It only cares about it's own opinion.