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I'm on the hunt for a large volume payroll processing software

I have a client that is in need of a payroll software that is capable of processing 1000+ employees over the span of a year. There will not be NEARLY that amount for any one payroll just accumulated over the year. We have had the hardest time finding anything.


  • The two big guys are ADP and Cerdian but 1,000 employees is not a particularly big payroll, so there are a lot of programs/services capable of handling that size payroll.

    Is there some specific issue you have that would mitigate using one of these two companies?

  • Hi @jgoodin007! I realize your post is a few months old now, but if your client is still looking for a payroll solution, BEST Employment Solutions Team may be the perfect fit for them! We have a variety of payroll, HR, benefits, workers' compensation, and unemployment services available - from full-service where our team completes all of the work for you to self service, where you as the client would be able to process payrolls from start to finish. We've recently implemented a new HRIS that our clients are absolutely loving! If you'd like more information on our services, please reach out to us at 248.352.1940 or by email at [email protected]