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travel reimbursement

Is an employer required to pay the federal mileage allowance to their traveling salespeople?


    • If we are talking federal law only (FLSA), then there is no explicit requirement that any expenses be reimbursed. There is an implicit requirement that unpaid business expenses not impact any minimum wage / overtime requirements, which is very different from saying that there is always (or even mostly) a requirement to reimburse business expenses.
    • If we instead are talking state law only, that would depend very much on the state. CA has pretty good rules in this area. Most other states, not so much.
    • It may or may not impact your question, but "traveling salespersons" is a red flag. I would want very much to know if the federal Outside Sales exception is in play, or if the Statutory Non-Employee exception is in play. This may or may not impact your question but is a potential snake in the grass which needs to be identified.