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New York - New Jersey Waterfront payroll taxes and Metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax

Our company locates in CA. We have sales employee work and live at their home. One has address in New York City and NEW ROCHELLE city. Would someone please let me know if we need to pay NY-NJ waterfront or Metropolitan commuter transportaion mobility tax or not. I look but doesn't have clear answer. Our NY payroll for this year is 134k.



  • I am going to give you an answer that you really will not like. I used to do a 43 state payroll, with some local jurisdiction. We used on of the big paid payroll library services (APA, BNA, CCH, RIA). At the time state websites were inadequate and local jurisdiction websites mostly a very bad joke. The situation has improved a little but only a little. It cost a huge amount of resources to keep track of all this stuff and no free website other then the jurisdiction will do this.

    If you only have the one local jurisdiction, then go to their website and if/when that fails, try Google, and if/when that fails get on the telephone and ASK THEM.

    A major pain in the back side you say? You would be correct. However there are of tens of thousands of local jurisdictions. No one person on any Internet website will know the answer to these sort of questions without check their own paid payroll library service. I am retired and no longer have that access to anticipate your next question. But over time the only really good solution is to bite the bullet and spend a lot of money on a service.

    Or you can take random answers from strangers and hope that they knew what they were talking about. You will likely ask them for a web pointer to their source, and they will refer you to one of the paid sites I just mentioned. Or not. My recommendation is BNA for whatever it is worth, but I have also used CCH, which is good, and RIA, which is not so much (IMO).

  • I want to say the waterfront tax is industry specific... like for harbor workers of something.

    the NY MCTMT would be for employers if they have anyone working in those 12 counties and meet the minimum quarterly wages... which i'm unsure what that number is but i believe it's pretty high. call NY dept of taxation and ask them, they're usually pretty helpful.

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    1. NY Metro Tax: If you have employees working in NY Cities areas you are subject to the tax.

    2. Waterfront Tax: The payroll tax rate paid by employers registered with the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor. The tax is paid on employees’ wages by New York and New Jersey employers who are registered with the commission to do business within the port district of New York.