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DC Withholding Tax

Does the Certificate of non-residence for DC overrule the DC-4? If the employee writes Exempt on the DC-4, what are the implications to the employer if you know they are not exempt for FIT purposes? It just seems strange the DC form references Federal elections.


  • I am not familiar with the DC forms or DC rules. I can say that nothing DC does or says has ANY effect on IRS rules including federal withholding. DC rules effect DC only. It does not matter the form says.

    Not the question, but I have had employees Photoshop the W-4 to say that they are "sovereign", that their wages cannot be withheld or reported to the government, and if the employer fails to follow these rules, then the employer's personnel responsible will be fined and/or jailed.

    It does not matter what a meaningless form says. The person creating the form cannot authorize actions they never controlled in the first place. This includes loony-tune employees and it includes DC. Any form created by DC affects only DC specific matters.

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