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Had my first run in with ADP

My staff accountant who runs payroll is out on the SR VP Finance and I (HR Manager) are responsible for payroll for these 8 weeks. Luckily I've done payroll for 12 1/2 years in my last position, so it doesn't scare me. That is until ADP decides to tell me that there is an error in processing and it can't go any further! (Now the error in the benefit deduction setup that they are saying they "cannot' do is one that we have had there for at least 20 payroll runs this year alone!) I always find it interesting when a software company tells a user that something cannot be done when it HAS been done that many times before! I finally hung up after 1 1/2 hours on Friday evening......only to look at it on Saturday morning for them to have "pushed" whatever button to continue the payroll processing. So much for what they "cannot" do!



  • New to me. I have used ADP since 1986 and they have always been very mechanically predictable. Horrible customer service, but great IT processing. I have never found an ADP "error" that did not turn out to be them correctly following the bad instructions we sent them. The last big job I was hired for, a large software company you have all heard of, I was told that ADP was garbage and I needed to replace it. Actually I needed to re-install it because my predecessor did not know what they were doing. Plus no one in payroll ever bothered to read the Summary Plan Documents for the benefit programs. Plus whoever setup our Time Accounting program got the workweek wrong. We had three different Other deductions, each with different tax grids, and payroll did not have a clue which one to use, so they picked on at random. I did a full reinstall of ADP at year end, started from the beginning on everything, and had a formal policy issued that no one but me or my boss would make any system level changes, which would be well documented. And my boss knew nothing about payroll, but everything about know-nothings making changes to how the system runs. We did the same thing (sort of) with AP.

  • I think part of this is my (HR) predecessor's fault in setup and she and the payroll processor (internal) refused to work together. And the HR person had not done payroll in the past. There is so much I am walking in and updating because (1) I have payroll AND benefits knowledge and (2) I am nice and want to play nicely with my fellow employees! It's gotten so much better already, even though still wonky!

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