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2019 W4 form

Has anyone taken a look at the new W-4 forms for 2019? I know it is not finalized, however, if I am understanding it correctly. It appears it is leaving the calculated amounts for the employer to determine.

A lot of the HR/Payroll software is designed to withhold based on allowances and/or a flat amount. With the new form
It appears the allowances will no longer be used only flat amounts.

I would love to hear any feedback.


  • You do what can do. Presumably your payroll service or software provider who will handle the update. You will send the new form to your employees, who will ignore it and you. The key is your company is not doing W-4s out of the goodness of your hearts. This is a legal requirement. Do EXACTLY what the law says. No more. No less. If some employees end up in the soup at year end, that was their decision.

    It is not payroll's job to help employees with THEIR W4s or otherwise give tax advice. There are legally very good reasons to stay out of it.

  • Looks like you will have some time to worry about a new form as it seems the format for the 2019 form will remain similar to 2018. The format change of the form is now delayed until 2020.

  • I do not know who remembers Patty (RIP) but between us we came up with an idea that all payroll law changes should be written on stone tablets by the actual legislatures who wanted the change. We figured it would not completely stop new changes, but would limit them to the really important ones.

    [Deleted User]rrupert
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