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Has anyone used the BPO model with ADP? Would you be willing to share your experience? Pros/Cons.


  • OK. According to Wikipedia, Business process outsourcing (BPO) is when your company takes part of of it's business process and gives it to outside vendors to handle. Something my manufacturing company was doing in the 1980s before this particular phrase was invented. But if some third party is handling part of your business process, then they are responsible for paying their own employees.

    Perhaps more information on the specifics of your question is indicated.

  • Following Thread. Interested on reviews of ADP BPO model

  • I partnered with ADP Complete Outsource product and have a few comments that may prove helpful for those considering this type of arrangement. Prior to leveraging this service, I managed an in house solution with direct control of processing time and additional payroll requirements. When you choose to have another company process your payroll, answer your inquiries and send out your payments. Sounds ideal... However, the responsibility is on the contracting organization, to double check all the work performed by your service provider. They are only as good as their training. I experienced highs and lows'- having a dedicated Manager on your side, a team of processing experts that can get you out of a jam or set you up for failure.
    You are only as good as the team assembled. Be certain to manage that relationship and understand that in the end, if you choose to outsource some work, you will not be able to get away with sending it over and prayer. It takes a mutually dedicated team on both sides to ensure everyone is sending the same message and working toward as close to a perfect payroll that exists (the holy grail :) ) Good luck when making the decision. I learned a ton, both positive and negative, but in all would not consider this as an option in the future.

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    this is the same with any PEO or BPO relationship. A lot of HR/payroll/finance people get a wrong impression and in the end mistakes can and do fall back on the actual employer.