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Sick leave carried over to different state

We have employees that can work anywhere in the US. My question is, if someone works in CA, for example, where we are required to give them sick leave, and then they go to work in a different state where they may or may not be entitled to sick leave, can they carry over the hours earned in CA to the new state and use them there?

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  • @David Warren said:
    (I once suggested adding "your supervisor is an idiot and nothing they say matters" to all policies

    OH how I wish I could do this!!!

    Any company I worked for previously that had employees in CA, usually set all policies based on CA since they are the most employee friendly state and it made it easier for Payroll to keep track of all paid time off. Since more and more states are going to mandatory sick time, I would find the state with the most generous entitlement and work off that. Not always what management wants to hear, but, in the long run it makes life easier for everyone and less complaints when everyone receives the same thing no matter where they currently live or if they are transferred somewhere else.

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