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Vortex pump impeller side clearance adjustment skills

As early as 1963, tsinghua university developed the standard leakage hole of glass 2 pt filament and continued to study its cyclone characteristics. The standard leakage hole of glass 2 pt wire is made by continuous unmatched sealing of platinum wire and hard glass with the contrary shrinkage coefficient. The experimental results show that the practical relationship between the leakage rate and the outlet pressure, the size of the leakage hole, the condition heat and the test gas is wrong.[url=]choose vacuum pump according to metallurgical gas volume[/url]
The heat coefficient of the leakage rate is much smaller than that of the geomembrane helium-permeated specification, and it can be easily modified. If the leakage hole is blocked by steam, it can continue to bake under the condition of simultaneous vacuum at both ends of the leakage hole, so as to restore the leakage hole. When its platinum wire diameter is 0.10 ~ 0.15mm, the sealing length is 5 ~ 10mm, and the outlet pressure is an atmospheric pressure, 10-6 ~ 10-8pa · can be lost. The leakage rate of m3/s. The leakage rate of this kind of hole is linearly related to the pressure difference between the two ends of the hole.[url=]the application of roots pump in vacuum electron beam welding machine[/url]
Therefore, this kind of drain hole is a molecular drain hole, which can be used as an adjustable drain hole to continue the real-time calibration in a wide static scale. This kind of leak hole can be used to calibrate the ultra - high sensitive leak detection.[url=]travaini evp single and double stage liquid ring pump comparison table[/url]
In 1964, tsinghua university continued to study the standard leakage hole of geomembrane helium-permeated type. For a large fraction of quartz, helium is more permeable than other gases. The current limiting element of the helium-permeated leak hole is a spherical geomembrane made of quartz blown with a thickness of about 0.05 ~ 0.20mm. The helium permeability of helium-permeated holes is independent of the thin thickness, infiltration area and filled helium pressure of quartz geomembrane. The standard leakage hole with the opposite leakage rate can be made by selecting the thin thickness, infiltration area and filled helium pressure of quartz geomembrane. M3 / s.[url=]vacuum unit in pharmaceutical equipment[/url]
This kind of leak hole is still the most common one in the calibration of helium mass spectrometry leak detector. However, the quartz film is fragile and should not be subjected to impact. Recently some people have continued to improve the production technology of this type of standard leaky hole.[url=]Vacuum pumps are commonly used in chemical production[/url]

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