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W-4 "Calculator" on IRS website

Has anyone tried to use the IRS W-4 Calculator for 2018?? It's SO confusing!! What are your thoughts?


  • Which have you used online that you like? This is the IRS one I'm referring to:
    for the new 2018 form.

  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭

    It's not the most user friendly but it looks a lot like what I personally setup for myself and our family in Excel years ago. It is trying to do the heavy lifting of current year-to-date totals vs future earnings/taxes through the end of the year. But requires lots of inputs to do so.... Honestly I'd just as like setup another excel spreadsheet

  • I think the new W4 is asking you to fill out what your spouse's income is --- that seems like it shouldn't be information your employer has access to!

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