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Exempt employee take portail pto in CA

Is someone know about min pto hour exempt employee can take each day in CA that doesn't lose exempt status? HR in my old company advise that min 4 pto hours can deduct if employee has available pto balance.


  • David WarrenDavid Warren ✭✭✭

    Two very unrelated laws in play.

    • Federal law (FLSA) does not care even a little bit about vacation/PTO but cares very much about paying Exempt employees. ( 29 CFR 541.602).
    • CA rules on PTO/vacation are completely unrelated legally. My understanding is that a number of opinion letters were issued by CA-DLSE. The most recent I read said that the employer CAN deduct as much as 4 hours CA/vacation balance for say a one hour absence, but it does NOT require it. It is perfectly legal to deduct exactly the amount of PTO/vacation taken.
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