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Shoot me now....

I'm a local government employer in Kansas. The higher ups created, and had the commission pass a telecommuting policy without even THINKING about financial responsibilities. Of course, it's all for one special person so I'm going to have to reconfigure two systems to handle the tracking, withholding and reporting of wages. Oh, and the employee has locality taxes too. yay me...



  • David WarrenDavid Warren ✭✭✭✭

    You likely know this but special one person policies are almost always fully taxable wages.

  • David WarrenDavid Warren ✭✭✭✭

    My "shoot me now" situation was going to work for a very large company you have all heard off with a 35 person HR department. Most "policies" were not formal so employees would just go to each HR staffer until they could find one who would sign off on whatever they wanted done, which they would then bring to Payroll ("no more taxes for the rest of the year", that kind of thing). I had to keep running this c*** up to Corporate Counsel would do his Mount Helen's impression. VP of HR eventually wrote me a memo telling me to stop talking to Corporate Counsel. Which went over well with Corporate Counsel. Fun times.


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