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Employee Volunteers?

We are co-hosting a street festival. We have a number of employees scheduled to work who will be paid their regular rate. We are also asking for volunteers from the public, civic organizations, etc. Our manager has also stated that if any of our other employees volunteer they will receive comp time to use at a future time. My concern is, since we already have some of our employees being paid for working that day, that we would need to pay all employees the same -- that they can't be unpaid volunteers at the same event where others are being paid. Seems like it would be a potential DOL issue, but I can't find any exact DOL guidelines to back up my concern.

Any ideas on where I can look? Thanks.


  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭

    Are you a 510(c)3? If not, be very very careful. These employees are working.

    and I'd be very very careful about non-employees "volunteering". Is this a for profit event? You say you are co-hosting...what does that mean? with who? Hopefully a nonprofit where the volunteers would be volunteering through them? Because it is my understanding that no one can "volunteer" their services for a for-profit organization.

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