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Need Help with GA Withholding

It's been a very long time since I've done multi- state payroll and now I know why I have avoided it. LOL

We are a Minnesota based construction company with locations in NV, AZ and GA. We have employees who are given direction and control out of our GA office. These employees live in other states (OK, UT, TX, and NC) they don't do any physical work in GA. They travel and work in other states. There is a slim possibility they may end up in GA at the office for a day then will head out to an out of state worksite. We do not have locations in the states they live in. Since they are getting their direction from the GA office, shouldn't we be withholding GA withholding from them?

Any input on this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Following the dept of labor on unemployment it seems we should pay unemployment to GA since that is where the direction and control comes from.


  • Thanks David. The more I looked into this you are correct SIT should be withheld in the state that work is done for the most part- it does get complicated. I will need to look into getting one of the the payroll library service in order to determine each of the state laws.

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