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I am looking for some statistics. We pay overtime based on all hours paid (not hours worked) over 40 for the week. Therefore, if an employee works Monday - Thursday and has a vacation day (or holiday, sick day, bereavement etc.) on Friday and then works Saturday, we will pay 8 hours as overtime. We have been paying this way for 30+ years.

I know that most companies do not pay this way. We are considering a change, however, I need to provide statistical data that will indicate the percentage of companies that use 'worked hours' instead of 'paid hours' for determining overtime. Is there any such data available? I have not been able to find any.

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  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭

    I have to agree with David. I very rarely see it and usually it is because the employer misunderstands the OT laws, not that they have made a conscious choice to pay this way. Most do exactly what they have to and no more and no less like he also said.

    I suspect you will have a lot less employees willing to work that extra Saturday though!

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  • Per the FLSA, overtime is based on hours "worked".

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    Our company is a hybrid when it comes to counting "time off" as time worked. We consider company holidays as time worked, but all other paid absences are not. I agree with the others in the thread that employers should stick to the requirements only.

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