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Has using online withholding forms versus paper withholding forms helped your company?

Any problems resolved with online forms? None? Do they really help at all?


  • Love them. I had them implemented in the 1990s a big company you have all heard of, and they worked great. Of course, we implemented an in-house solution and I got to write my own rules for my own forms. Kind of like shooting an arrow into a tree and drawing a bulls-eye around it. Example. With the W-4, it was literally impossible to create an illegal form, like Exempt plus $500 because you got an error message if the form was illegal. And I had a nice permanent log of all changes, including who made the change and what physical terminal it was from. And the employee could view their own log from own station. All state withholding forms, plus direct deposit, and all deductions had their own forms. With log and entry rules.

    Paper is evil. Checks are evil. HR is evil (different issue).

  • Our company has been using them for 11 years now for our professional staff and I love it! Still trying to get it available for our weekly / union staff.

  • David WarrenDavid Warren ✭✭✭

    If you get generic form capability with rule checking, you should be able to write your own forms. I am told that this exists on the market (not true 20 years ago). The key is the log and everyone having computer access with their own ID/PW. Ideally it will take the completed/proofed form and update the down stream application. The one we used automatically sent an email to the employee of all changes effecting them and the supervisor of certain changes (like work location). These can be very flexible without being very complicated. You can even add approvals if the system supports it, so the employee can tell if and where the form is held up.

    I loved being able to bring up the employees log in February and have them show me exactly where they submitted their so-called W-4 changes the previous year. Or change in WorkState. We had that printed in big letters on the check stub (which no one ever looked at but which we sent out a quarterly memo telling them to do so). We would leave no ground for employees to complain at year end. We even had automatic emails going to a bunch of people when a visa started to age out. Very Senior Management would not fire someone because their visa expired but they would put them on unpaid leave until everything was fixed. W-4 Exempt employees got like six emails from us starting December 1st, and ending January 31st. All logged. If the employees logged in, they had their own home page with a Forms/Log button. The Log could be filtered. Employees used to BSing their way through life hated the log.

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