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Out of State Garnishments

I'm hoping someone can shed some light, we are a business only in WI, we received a garnishment from TN, ordered out of TN. Based on what I found on the Payroll Source "An employer served with an out-of-stat creditor garnishment for an ee, is not required to obey the order unless: 1) the order has been registered with a court in the state where the ee works; or 2) the employer does business in the state that issued the original garn. While an er would have to obey an out-of-state garn under either of these circumstances, the law of the employee's work state would generally be applied to determine the limits on the garns, deadlines for withholding and remitting payments." This tells me I need to apply WI garn laws to this TN garnishment correct? What the issue is is that the ee already has one in place and WI law only allows one at a time. Help please?


  • While the federal CCPA law puts some controls on Creditor Garnishments, they leave a lot of flexibility to the states (unlike Child Support). The rules are pretty much what WI says they are as long as the 25% DI rule for ALL creditor garnishments is not violated. I do not know WI rules, so I am no help there.

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