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HR entered wrong filing status on W-4

I just discovered that my employer entered a "married" status for my W-4 when I was hired 5 years ago although I did indicate "single" on the W-4 that I filled out. I was divorced at the time I was hired which was why I selected "single" on my W-4. I should have reviewed my W-4 every year for mistakes but I have not moved, had a child or gotten married or divorced since it was originally filled out 5 years ago so I didn't have much reason to check it over the years.

I am updating my W-4 after the mistake was discovered but weren't more taxes withheld from my pay than there should have been had they had the correct filing status in their payroll system? I've got no assets, and own no property, also, my taxes were filed as single so I'm not sure if I can do anything. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing payroll withheld more taxes than they should have since I'm not married, but single. Anyone have any experience with this?