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Travel time when working from home

Interesting question on another board. Does travel time from home to a work location office that crosses work hours count as hours worked for someone who works from home most of the time. This person goes into the office twice a month for meetings. These meetings occur middle of the day rather than during commute times. Other employees who work at a different office and come to the main office for The same meetings Do you get paid travel time. Of course if the employer has to pay for this travel time there’s always the chance the employer will stop allowing these employees to work from home. I think it’s a bit over-the-top to complain about something that most people consider a timesaver and expensive saver and perq... but I am more thinking the legality of travel time and must it be Paid? What if the employer switch the shift of that employee for that day such that the meeting started at the beginning of their shift? Just curious as to what others thought


  • Commute time is (almost) never paid. That is black letter law. There are a (very) few exceptions which does not apply here.

    The counter argument is that time spent traveling to a non-normal work-site in the local area is normally time worked (one of the 785 regulations). Problem is that the assumption is that a normal commute has already occurred to the normal work-site.

    Both sides have an argument and I do not remember DOL specially issuing guidance on this issue. Or more specifically, state DOL for your specific state since most wage claims go to state DOL.

    I would pay minimum wage for the trip. Publish a policy first. All changes on a go forward basis as always. And if you have a policy, a judge will probably hold you to it. No policy means the policy is whatever the judge says it is.

    Travel time can always be minimum wage if that is what the policy says.

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