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RSUs and 1099Bs

We had RSU (restricted stock units) vest this year.
We added the value of the stock to the employee W-2 as compensation for 2017.
Some employees sold shares back to the company to cover the taxes.
Does the sale back to the company need to be recorded on a 1099 B?
Or since it is a no gain transaction no reporting needs to be done?
For example the employee received 100 shares of stock valued at $10/share. So the W2 compensation was adjusted to reflect the $1000 of compensation income.
They sold 30 shares back to cover the withholding taxes - $10 * 30 shares = $300 paid toward withholding taxes
Since the acquisition price of $10/share and the sale price of $10/share are the same - there is no gain or loss - does the sale still have to be reflected on a 1099 form?

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