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2018 Fed Tables?

I'm not seeing a 1036 notice or the pub 15 for 2018..... Am I blind this year? Highly possible, lol


  • ugh..... but hopefully I will be taking an HRBP position by the end of January that will mean I will no longer be the person responsible for the payroll withholding calculator that I currently use..... Last interview was yesterday and decision is due soon...... But I am sure I will still come and visit my payroll friends...

    And @David, I just want to say thank you for all the knowledge transfer and indirect mentoring that you have provided. I quoted you twice in my interviewing process......Merry Christmas and Thanks for all you do for those of us that are not as knowledgeable!

  • David....I didn't mention your name specifically, just a mentor that I met through HR/Payroll forums -- being a one person HR/payroll shop meant that I had to find outside resources -- I think I impressed them.....

  • I shall also bow to your expert knowledge @David Warren . You've helped me many times and I thank you for that.

  • jadegurljadegurl ✭✭✭
    They just posted it last night

  • d26kd26k ✭✭

    It was actually posted yesterday, 2pm eastern according to the file date. Found by going directly to the information page for that item. The "list" of forms on the IRS site is only updated once a day, about midnight. I had to keep watch, so I could my software updated, for my customers, ASAP.

  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭
    Thanks for sharing... luckily have until mid February to implement although I will probably do It after Monday’s payroll processing.
  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭

    Actually as of this morning , it's saying "page not found" even after I search the IRS site and click on their own link...did they take it down?

  • Is the calculator on this site using the new 2018 withholding rates? It looks like it is but I'm just asking to be sure. I don't see an blurb about it being updated to reflect the new rates. Thank you

  • One important change is that the supplemental withholding rate decreased from 25% to 22%.

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