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RSU_Restricted Stock Unit reported on W-2

Hello All,
Where does we report RSU on form W-2? Does it go to box 1, box 3, box 5, box 12 code V, and box 16?
I heard from the stock admin, it should go to box 14. If it goes to box 14, the payroll provider told me that I can only report it on box 1 and 14, where in fact when we processed/ recorded RSU on payroll, we withheld FIT, SIT, SS, and Medicare. I got confused. How do you handle this? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks



  • It has been a long time since I have done RSU. Unless the rules changed, it is fully taxable wages (Boxes 1, 3, 5). The one complication if that there is some sort of optional declaration which looks the taxable price down, meaning if the declaration is made, it is taxable that year and not when exercised. I do not remember the box 13-14 rules (if any).

    Check on BenefitLinks if you do not get a harder answer. That is where the benefits heavy hitters hang out.

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