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Drafting a letter to employees incorrect SIT & FIT tax withholding error and correction on W2 form

I have just spent the past six months correcting employees tax withholding for both states and federal, CA SDI for the 2016 payroll year. A lot of work!!! Now that I have completed all the necessary prior payroll amendments whether that is quarterly, annually tax filings, paid all the penalties and interest fees, and generated the W2C tax forms.

I now need to draft a letter acknowledging the payroll tax withholding errors more importantly the corrections made to fix the problem. The company is even willing to pay for a Tax Accountant to assist the employee with filing the outstanding tax filing.

Can someone please provide me some suggestions as to how this letter should be drafted. What the tone of the should be.

I am stuck.....:(


  • If this was a system error - I would be straightforward, apologize for any inconvenience and tell them that the problem has been corrected going forward.
    Beyond that I would make pretty darn sure the numbers are correct for 2017 prior to close out for this year too!

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