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Tracking floating holidays

Next year in lieu of a raise, we will be offering 2 floating holidays for all full time employees who have been employed a minimum of 6 months. 6 months or less they will get 1 floating holiday. The days must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance and may not be split into half days.

Can anyone share how they handle tracking? Do you track it manually or would it be best to create a new PTO code to administer this? We are in around 30 states, CA and PR included. We also have multiple schedules which would need to be considered.

HR will be running point on this but we will be meeting later this month to discuss and I want to get an idea of what other companies do regarding this.

Thanks for any and all input.


  • I'd probably do a new PTO code if setup wasn't crazy. Part will depend on whether they are earned and required to be paid out upon termination. That way the system would hopefully help you catch it if the employee tried to take more than 2/1 (whatever they were originally given).

  • Yeah we were actually thinking that too however we have people that work 6, 7, 8,10, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14 hours a day so we would have to create new PTO codes for each schedule, probably with separate plans for CA and PR.

    Ugh, I am already dreading this because the managers aren't able to keep track of vacation or sick time on a good day let alone floating holidays... and this is with an automated time and attendance system.

  • Yeah, I was reading that about CA - and we definitely fall into that category since as of right now we are not putting any restrictions on when they have to use the holiday other than it has to be requested in advance.

    Like I said HR is running point on this and as of right now they(senior management) want to keep it separate. It is definitely one of the things I plan on mentioning when we start digging into this later in the month. Right now I am just arming myself with information.

  • Are they giving 8 hours or a "regular work day" so someone working a 14 hour shift gets 14 hours? Have you tried to ask them to standardize it to a regular 8 hour day? What do you normally pay on a holiday for someone who usually works more than 8 hours a day?

    If you have to do it for all different shifts, I would suggest just adding it into their current PTO bank..... unless there is some reason this would be paid out differently on termination than other PTO?

  • We give a regular work day - so if someone would normally work 6 hours they get the same for Holiday. If they work 14, then they would get 14.

  • Or can you just add those specific hours to each PTO? Does their current PTO match their shifts?

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