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Employment status change - do you wait for the beginning of a new pay period?

When an individual changes employment status - for example, from independent contractor to non-exempt - do you try to make the change so that it falls on the first day of the pay period, eliminating the need for a paycheck with two employee types in a single period?


  • At least with your example "independent contractor to non-exempt", it is not an issue. Assuming those status bits are correct, the IC has not been getting a paycheck anyway...

  • I agree that is not a good example as the IC-> ee would be considered a new hire.

    If you are talking about say a promotion with a pay change or non-exempt to exempt or vice versa, we do try to do those at the break in payroll periods.

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  • In a perfect world any type of pay change would be done according to pay period but that pretty much never least in my world.

  • Our HR does a pretty good job of making the changes on pay period start dates. Our issues are usually with expats returning to their home country.

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