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Compromised social security number

We did a background check on a person we want to hire and their social security number came back with a completely different name. This person is a US citizen but has lived out of the country for many years, so it is suspected his identity was stolen.

My payroll service says that if the SS# does not match then he cannot be paid as well as other problems with year end forms, etc.

Any thoughts?


  • Was this done through E-Verify? If so there are specific rules to follow.

    If not, personally I would put the hire on hold until he can clear up the SS card issue.

    Your payroll service is incorrect as David has said, if he has worked he MUST be paid. Now you and they might get a "mismatch" letter and a fine, but he must be paid.

    But the quickest way to clear this up is to have this person do so before working any hours.

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