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Processing errors

Does anyone know if it's possible to unprocess payroll in ADP.
I processed it before exporting the rest of the time


  • Hopefully you've already called ADP directly and asked. I deal with another provider but do know that I can stop payrolls if I do it quickly before the actual process date (I send them on Monday and they are processed on Wednesday). Do you have that same type of time lag?

  • Agreed. I have used ADP (a lot) and you call them up and tell them to kill the payroll. You must do this quickly.

  • Yes that is the same process. ADP did finally do it but it was so confusing I don't really know what they did
  • I never had a problem with it. You just write down the number of your agent, call them up, and tell them to "kill the payroll I just sent". Give them the company code if you have more then one company. It is a good idea to have regular conversations with your agent.

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