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Tell me about the most complicated employee setup you've ever had to go through.

What's the most complicated employee setup you've ever had? What made it so difficult? What could have made it easier?


  • Fitness gym teachers with multiple pay rates -
    some dependent on # of people in the group/class
    some 1/2 classes taught at 1/2 of all those

    Some could have up to 6 or more rates...when I took it over they had a matrix of rates per # employees and the step ups were not equal....I thought keep the rate per would be easer, and it is, BUT it still a huge pain!

    would never set it up this way in the future honestly because the employees were not motivated to increase the number for more pay.

  • WOW! @rrupert that does sound very complicated!

  • Child Support orders can get interesting. Particularly when one person has many CS, some with acreages, some not, some with special instructions like medical coverage. Then there is the occasional CS issued by a judge who clearly is not familiar with the CCPA rules. If an order is not legal on it's face, how does that affect the employer?

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