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selling business....and payroll changeover

In the past when we have sold businesses we have not had much communication from HR/payroll to the new owner as this time around. I have not found it common to provide much more than a list of employees,(possibly) their SSNs, job titles and their current payrates. (which I gave him at the end of June - 43 days ago)

Today I was asked for a listing of our payroll item codes and our current payroll setup (we use QBooks Enterprise) and I was asked to get on a conference call with the almost new owner of the business (I work for the corporate management company and not for this business) and ADP to show them how payroll is currently setup so he can exactly replicate what we have. By the way, the close date is this Thursday! The almost new owner starts with (the same but) new employees to him and the ADP payroll system. Their first payroll would need to be paid around 9/1.....nothing like leaving stuff to the last minute! Glad I don't work for him or ADP!

Any one else want to meet me for a round of drinks Friday afternoon?


  • Find out if the two payroll companies share a common import/export format.

  • Not wanting that liability as the ownership is changing too.... he is clueless ... Can't wait to see what ADP/new owner does with the current method - no direct electronic link currently -- small company and manual input (by yours truly)
  • Small company with manual input should not be a big deal for ADP to configure - it is just that they will probably want to use their own codes - ADP can explain to him why they can't just import your info with a click or two.

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