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Do You Allow For Compressed Workweeks?

Do you allow compressed workweeks in your office/company? If so, how do you manage the payroll aspect? Do you only allow non-exempt employees to utilize compressed workweeks?


  • What do you mean by compressed schedules? Labor law looks at hours actually worked and pretty much ignores every thing else.

  • Actually we are more likely to let exempt employees work flexible/compressed workweeks. Hourly/non-exempt can get into overtime issues if the time splits over 2 payweeks, so no we have not done so for hourly/non-exempt positions. And generally our non-exempt schedules have less flexibility since they need to be onsite during all regular business hours and we don't have extra staff to cover that time.

  • Flexible workweeks I am familiar with. Companies I have worked for do not care which 100 hours a week I worked.

  • Hi David - not so much flexible workweeks but for non-exempt it might be working four 10 hour days during the workweek instead of five 8 hour days. Non-exempt must take the time off during the same workweek. Exempt might be able to work (for example) 8.9 hours per day and take one day off every two weeks.
    I believe the correct term is "compressed schedule" rather than "compressed workweek". The workweek remains 168 consecutive hours - what is compressed is the schedule from the traditional 5 days, 8 hours to 4 days 10 hours or 3 days at 11.5 hours and 1 day at 4.5 hours (or whatever). Four 9 hour days and one 4 hour day may also be considered - it extends the weekend and avoids rush hour for some of the staff - perhaps they switch morning and afternoon so every one gets to leave early every other week.

  • The feds look at "hours past 40 in the workweek", so 5x8 vs 4x10 vs 2 x 20 is a "who cares", since the feds do not look at that. So states like CA who have daily overtime can keep complicated.

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