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New to group, anyone else use ADP?

Hi everyone, I just stumbled across this group and found it interesting. We currently use ADP Workforce now, I was wondering how many others in here use ADP?


  • welcome! I've only interacted with ADP in the very distant past when I was doing 401k consulting back in the 90s... Now we use QuickBooks inhouse at the small firm I work for.... But I think there are others on here who have or do use ADP products!

  • I used ADP for maybe 25 years. (Now retired).

  • I have used various ADP systems and services. (PCPW, Workforce Now, ADPRun, and standalone ADP Tax and ADP Wage Payments)

  • anyone ever used Paycom? my supervisor is thinking of switching from ADP to Paycom... ADP used to be wonderful, but in the past year the customer service has gone downhill and the prices have gone higher :( I'm a little nervous about the change but have been so frustrated with ADP that I think I'm ready for a change....hopefully Paycom can deliver on their promises.

  • I've been using ADP Tax for about 15 years, and used ADP Enterprise until 5 years ago. Like most everyone, I've had my frustrations with them.

  • We are currently in the process of moving to ADP's GlobalView offering which is an SAP system configured by ADP. We are also implementing eTime which is ADP's configuration of Kronos.

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