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Unemployment benefits

I work as a union carpenter. The last contractor I worked for reported all my wages to the state of Kentucy although I worked alot in Indiana which is the state I live in. When I got laid off and tried to open an Indiana claim it said not enough benefits were paid in. Said my most all my wages were reported to Kentucky. So by time I got them transferred to Indiana I missed two weeks of unemployment. Now Indiana telling me I can't receive that because I didn't open a claim in Indiana which I did try but said I didn't have enough wages to draw. Is this my employers fault?


  • There is no way of answering your question given the information provided. I will say that 100% of all wages are ALWAYS reported to one state each quarter. In theory, the state could change each quarter. You could try filing in KY. Might work. Might not work.

  • What info you need to answer this question.
  • I do no know the specific rules for the states in question, but as I said, wages are ALWAYS reported to one state and one state only for the quarter. This is a hard requirement defined in the FUTA and IRCA laws. You can try filing in the other state. But I am not asking for more information. The only parties whose opinions matter here are the states in question. In theory I would have a better opinion if I saw your employer's state quarterly filing. That would at least say what wages were reported to which states and when. But it is unlikely you have access to those. And at the end of the day it is still a question of the state(s) specific rules on out of state employees, which I still do not know. File the claim with the other state. It works or it does not.

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