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State/Local Government and Detail Pay (or special duty pay)

We are a small local government. Our police force (along with all other ones in the state) do outside details. This means vendor such as phone company contacts department to hire an officer detail at site or sites they working at. pay base $45 per hour 4 minimum. There is question about whether not earnings for this work used calculate regular rate when calculating overtime, and if hours worked count towards worked. times paid cancelled without sufficient notice. their regular then bill vendor..


  • If these are really arm's length 3rd party vendors, say City Hall and Jack-and-the-Box, then hours worked at one place have no effect on hours worked at other places. If these are two related organizations, say City Hall and Police Athletic League, then there is every chance that the relationship is close enough that the employer's are legally related. If you really are not sure, contact DOL. Their's is the only opinion that matters. There are a bunch of highly technically factors that get looked at.

  • I did a quick google and found this because I was interested in the answer: and then here:

    Read through those two ...I think they answer your questions!

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