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The Payroll Source Book

FYI and IMO, , anyone who does payroll at more then a basic level should get a copy of this book and READ IT. I was fortunate at my last real job to go to work for a large software company. My predecessor had messed up badly enough that I had a very free hand my first year. One of the things I did was buy a copy of The Payroll Source Book for each payroll staffer and we spent one hour twice a month training up using examples from the book. Anyone in charge of payroll should know this book cold.



  • do you mind to share if you have it in pdf version?

  • I do not have a PDF version.

  • Honestly, it would be copyright infringement to share the whole book freely. It's worth the $s so I suggest asking your employer to count it as either (1) training materials or (2) needed for ongoing payroll usage.

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