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Holiday Pay

In brief; we have contracts that employees are paid under that are either SCA or Union.

Our Human Resources Department was providing a summarized list of Holiday Pay / Benefits for each contract and specified on a specific contract that if a Holiday is worked individuals are to be paid: 8 Holiday hours at their regular rate of pay plus 1 1/2 (this is exactly how it's worded in the memorandum). How do you interpret that for calculation purposes?

HR interprets that if they worked 8 hours on the Holiday they would receive: 8 Holiday hours at their regular rate plus another 8 hours at their regular rate for the hours worked.

I think the way it is stated is misleading and makes it sound as though the individual will receive 8 Holiday hours at their regular rate plus 8 hours calculated at their overtime rate for their hours worked. I'm hung up on how she's getting 1 from 1 1/2. I am not used to working with a Human Resources Department and it just feels like we are always speaking totally different languages.



  • If we are talking law such as FLSA, then the rule is "hours past 40". However companies can do more then the law requires. If your company wants to treat any hours worked on holidays as overtime, they can do so. In this case, I would do exactly what HR said.

  • Honestly, I would go back to the actual contract and see what that says. I have 3 contracts that state the employees get "double -time which INCLUDES the 8 hours holiday pay", which is what your HR is interpreting, however, I also have a contract that states the employee gets " time and 1/2 plus the holiday", which would be how I would interpret the memorandum as you have stated. Be careful with this, because it is the UNION's language both departments need to speak ;)

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