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Everify cleared but mismatch documents

Ok - this is completely odd and I was wondering if anyone had ever come across something like this.

We just hired an employee whose DL has her first name as Margaret and her SS card lists her as Peggy.
She also sent an unsolicited copy of her birth certificate also under the name Margaret.

E-verify matched everything and cleared her for work but my question is - how would she even get a social security card under a nickname instead of her given name? wouldn't she have had to show ID?


  • Jade -
    Depending on when she originally applied for her social security card, this is possible. My mother changed her last name with social security 3 times over 45 years ago, and at no time did she have to show proof of the name change. She was able to just say she got married and not have to show a marriage license. She may have a copy of an older card, and has actually changed it with Social security and that's why it doesn't give you an error

  • Thanks Carole
    This is a difference in her first name not her last name.
    It just seems odd to me that a nickname would be allowed on an identifying document. I guess it really doesn't matter since she was cleared through E-verify.

  • Frist for me too, but it seems more strange then dangerous. If you want to CYA, send letters to IRS and SSA.

  • Social Security card is not an identifying document - it establishes work eligibility. I don't know how e-verify matches the SSN - I do know the number is required, but the Social Security card does not have to be one of the provided documents - I suspect what e-Verify does is check to see that the SSN is the SSN associated with the documents being verified. The (SSNVS) and IRS (TIN Matching Program) both use a name control for verification purposes - for the IRS TIN Matching Program, the name control for Social Security numbers is the first four letters of the individual's last name. If that and the number match, then you get a match return code.

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