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State W2c electronic filing requirements

hoping someone has a checklist with the threshold for filing W2cs electronically with each state. I can find the checklist for W2 filings for each state but have not found one for W2cs. Ex: NY - if you have more than 16 W2c forms for the year they must be filed electronically. We are in all 50 state + DC


  • This is where I would suggest subscribing to one of the large payroll libraries, especially since you are in every state. It would be worth the cost!

  • Agreed. These are APA, BNA, CCH and RIA. I have used BNA and CCH. It is a huge amount for work to keep something like this updated and perhaps not likely to expect someone to do it for free.

  • We currently use BNA. Can find a very nice checklist for W2 electronic filling requirements and dues dates, etc. Just haven't come up with requirements for W2c. Am looking for the limits. EG: >25 W2c must be electronic,

    Your continue support is appreciated.

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