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The stupidest payroll error. Anyone ever seen this?

Im researching a payroll error and can't find another instance of this occurrence:

Have you ever heard of a payroll error that underpaid EE 4 weeks a year? Hourly rate converted to a weekly/monthly.

Semi-monthly payroll
Calculation used: Weekly hours 10 and hourly rate $10 = $100 x 4 weeks/month = $400 monthly x 12 = $4800 (paid $200 twice a month)

-2 semi paychecks
Or shorted a Kodak month (28 day month, 13 months)?
Or only being paid 1st 28 days of month?

Is there a term for this specific error or type of error? Or a conversion term?
I'd like to find actual documented examples of this error in wage & labor terms and having no luck. FWW resembles the intent and similar errors can be made but this particular error seems rare. It sounds impossibly stupid to anyone that knows payroll and a difficult error to be made if you're doing what you should.

Any terms for schedules, conversions or any guidance to help me find another instance would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


  • I'm not sure this is an error (except it seems to ignore work weeks) but at 10 hours per calendar week, that should not be an issue. The question is, did the employee only work 10 hours each week for the first 4 weeks of each month? If so, there was no under payment as the employee only worked 48 weeks. The employee would be working 40 hours per month and be paid $400 per month so overtime would not be an issue.

    However, if the employee worked 10 hours per week for 52 weeks, there would be an underpayment.