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ADP - Payroll company's role

I worked in HR and helped with payroll years ago and need info now. ADP has proven less than helpful as I am not a current client.

Do payroll companies monitor irregularities? Poor payroll practices? Issue reports of inconsistencies?

I'm sure they can't police client accounts but in general, how reaching is their role?


  • rrupert
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    Garbage in, garbage out with them not finding much is my experience. Maybe they have changed, but no I wouldn't expect them to monitor irregularities. You might get them to write you a "change" report or other reports at a cost to you. But they won't go looking for inconsistencies on their own.

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  • It has been a while since I have worked with ADP, but in my experience, they are very good at the IT end and very bad at the customer service end. Which always worked for me because I knew the payroll end a lot better then the people they had answering the phones, but I wanted someone very reliable on the processing side. Which they were. There are companies (generally called PEOs) that are a lot better then ADP at the hand-holding stuff. They generally are also a lot more expensive. Some of the newer payroll service (not PEO) companies claim to be better at customer service then ADP. They might be right, although I have heard mixed reviews on sites like this of specific companies.

  • I am now working using ADP Workforce Now and honestly I like the system, but still will state they don't majorly monitor irregularities on payroll/benefits. That is up to the client (and we do have to realize that almost every client will have a client specific setup). We do in depth processing between their benefits system and payroll and it is up to us to catch any errors..... I keep a log of changes and give copies to my payroll admin who then gives the VP finance and myself copies of the preview reports prior to payroll submission.

    Their tech support has gotten better but sometimes it just depends on what representative you get when you call or if you call at peak times.