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and so it begins...

"When are we getting our W2's?" was the question I got this morning while rushing to hand out checks so I can get back to my tax filings...Oh how I love January...

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  • Heard someone in our own office say that today, too.....Good luck to you!

  • Yes, hurry up and get them out - they are due both to recipients and the SSA by January 31 starting this year. That due date to the SSA is for both paper filed and e-filed returns. And guess what, the IRS will not be issuing refunds for certain items (Such as the EITC) until after Feb 15 - this is all happening to reduce the amount of identity theft and fraud that happens with early filing of returns by identifying bogus W-2 and 1099-MISC forms that report nonemployee compensaton (box 7) through the matching of tax return information with information return information.

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  • @Patrick Haggerty Thank you for sharing that - especially the reasoning behind the later return date. Very good information to know.

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    I got mine sent out last week, but I had pre-run/checked them before end of year since my last 2016 wasthe 23rd and my first in 2017 had to be processed on the 2nd. I must admit that QuickBooks has really up'd their game on processing and printing W-2s. I travelled to the corporate office to do them and realized this is the first year I could have done them remotely due to the way they have changed their setup. Not sure what I will do next year. I did already e-file theW-2/W-3s because 1/31 doesn't really give much time to fix something that employees may not even find by then (and in 12 years, I have to re-do one SSN that was I don't do many W-2C's anyway). And it gets that task off my list. (Yes, the sooner I can mark off a completed task, the happier I am!)

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