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Raise is conditional on working more hours - not on performance

I submitted a professional letter for a review of my pay based on my good performance, dependability and increased workload which I am handling in 30 hrs/week. I was told that I would be awarded an increase but that I needed to consider working more hours. I am unable to increase my hours due to other jobs and time that I spend time daily with parent in nursing home. This is why I chose a part-time job to begin with. She said that I wouldn't be getting a raise and that I needed to compromise. I am losing sleep over this and have decided to leave the job, but can't get this scenario off my mind. Is this normal procedure? It seems very strange and unfair to me.


  • Not at all strange. Depends on your viewpoint whether it is fair. It sounds like they are being flexible to allow you to work part-time. And the cost of that flexibility to you is lack of pay increases. You have pretty much shown that other things in your life take priority -- which is just fine, but you must realize that there are of which is not being able to work more hours which means no raises until you can work more hours.

    I've worked flexible schedules for 13 out of 20 years.....I view it as a LARGE perq and one of the reasons I stay at my specific job when I could probably make 2 times what I currently make, even with no pay increases over long periods compared to others getting raises most years.