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Interpreting Vacation/Sick policy

The Vacation/Sick policy in my employee manual reads: Pro-Rated at a percentage of the full time base (37.5-40 hr/wk). How would this be interpretedfor an employee working 30 hr/wk? Thank you!


  • I agree with somewhere around 75-80% but it makes it not the easiest calculation because of the 37.5-40 hours per week.

  • I learned that the calculation they apply is: 30 (hrs worked per week) divided by 37.5 (full time base) = 80%. Then 80% of 10 vacation days, equals 8 days. It seems strange to work 5 days a week at 6 hr/day, but earn benefits on 4 days/ 24 hr/wk. .Another interesting thing: an employee working 32 hours in 4 days, per the calculation above(32 hrs div by 37.5 = 85%. 85% of 10 days is 8.5 days (or 68 hours) earns 68 hrs vacation - two hours more than the 64 hours they are working! When I questioned the fairness of the policy, I was told that it was codified in 1993 and they would require a number of employees to complain before a change would be made - not just one. Just wanted to share this with you. Thank you for the replies!

  • Agree it is not illegal and I would say your logic/thinking is faulty, not their calculation. Are you getting 8 six hour days (48 hours) or 64 Hours (which when divided by a 6 hour day is more than 10 days!)? I don't get where you earn benefits on 4 days and a 24 hour workweek. Instead you will still get 10 days off, but only at 6 hours each. Unless they require you take 8 hours pay for your 6 hour day, which they could for a total of 8 days off -- either way you are still getting 80% of the paid timeoff for working an 80% schedule.

    They are actually giving you more because they are using the 37.5 week rather than the 40 hours per week.

    I wouldn't be complaining about it or there is a real chance you will change it for less..... They could just give you 75% which would be less....