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Late Timesheet/LOA forms

I am wondering if any of you care to share a policy/memo you have put in place regarding late submissions of OT/LOAs. This pay period, we’ve had a dept submit OT for 2015! We’ve also had entries done for vacation time taken back to Christmas 2014! I know that there’s no way we can stop the transactions, but we’d like to have some accountability for such entries. How have you handled it? Can you share your policy?



  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭

    I'd be having a meeting with the responsible managers and like David said, terminating someone if it continued. That far back is ridiculous and honestly smacks of either bad management or fraudulent hours.

    I'd also have to ask why these same individuals aren't using a timeclock that automatically feeds payroll? Id probably get the finance/budgeting department on my side unless they have some way of accruing the expense.

    I can understand a mistake here or there, but the examples you gave are outrageous! Are you in a state where PTO is "use it or lose it"? If so, you might be able to use that as they could forfeit it x days after the end of the plan year. So if they tried to claim it late, it would come out of this year's PTO bank. But if you are in an "earned" state, that won't work.

  • We're a CA municipality...Governed by MOU. Our muscle does not get us very far. We may bring it up to the exec/mgr but if no action is taken, we can't do much. Also, we are working on setting up

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