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Are you managing payroll for a lot of people?

How do you keep up reporting absenteeism? I imagine it may get hard if you have a lot of people and it's flu or cold season, etc. What do you do?


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    At our two locations with timeclocks, I ask the managers to input when the employee has missed work and why as a time edit. It shows up at .01 of an hour if they do it correctly and shows who edited it. Our software allows us to pull time between any two dates so it is the best way we have found to capture it. So I can pull that report on any single (or group of) employee(s) and get a good idea on how much time was missed by a specific person or during a specific time frame.

    We've tried pretty much every paper method and every time management changes, we lose it and the data and have to start over with no history on absenteeism/tardiness. At least this way it says in the timekeeping system historically. We don't really have an HRIS system beyond payroll and that timekeeping system.

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