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HR/Payroll system upgrade or Conversion to new vendor

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Hi everyone,

My company is looking to either upgrade our HR/Payroll software or convert to a new vendor. We currently use Ceridian Source 500 and are to looking at either upgrading to Ceridian DayForce or moving into ADP WorkForce Now or UltiPro.

I was just wondering if anyone can share their thoughts on DayForce, ADP Workforce Now, and/or UltiPro, and your experience with the implementation/conversion of such systems.

We are looking at a 7/1/2014 go live date

Thank you in advance. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


  • Soft answer. I have used ADP since 1986. Starting with the DOS version, followed by the PCPW (Windows) version. I have not used ADP WorkForce Now but people whose opinion I trust say it is a web interface version, functionally similar to PCPW, sometimes described as PCPW on training wheels. All three versions are superficial front ends pasted onto a massive main frame based program.

    I like ADP but I have reservations. If you do not know payroll very well, or do not want to learn how the ADP program works, ADP is the wrong program for you. ADP is a great IT company, but a marginal customer service operation. Which does not bother me. I know payroll and I have no problem learning another computer program, and following it's implied logic. I even (gasp) READ THE MANUAL. I do not want my hand held. I want my payroll service provider to shut up and do what they are told. I am willing to take responsibility for instructions I do or do not give. I am even willing to proof the results even if as far as I know, nothing is wrong.

    ADP is functionally a VERY reliable IT company, whose "trains" are always on time, always work perfectly, but with c**** customer services who are of little/no help if you need many types of questions answered. There is a reason that ADP is bigger then everyone else put together. There is also a reason why the little folk are slowly increasing their collective market share.
  • i am also searching for the best hr & payroll software which has the capability to improve the functioning of small and medium scale organizations, improving the general operational effectiveness.

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    I will say that customer service has greatly improved at least on the ADP Workforce Now portion. I've had my gripes here and there (as with any computer system), but am pleased overall. I've implemented two new portions (ACA and Talent Management in this last quarter) and once we got passed the salesperson and got on someone's schedule, all was well.

    But I do not expect them to know our benefits or payroll mechanisms, just how that can be programmed/set up in their system. I wouldn't want to be a newbie to HR/Benefits and be started on ADP WN along with learning outside the system.

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    Just a thought but ask yourself if your payroll department knows what they are doing (or even exists). Having a third party follow your instructions is one. Having them make the decisions themselves is something very different. Be really clear what type of service you need prior to picking the vendor. I have worked for bosses who were unclear on this point.

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