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Reading comprehension needed

edited September 2013 in Stupid Questions
Stupid is not limited to payroll. Reading the HR forms is very entertaining. Our company is nationwide and we are divided into Regions which are indicated by a name/number. The sign up form asks what Region you work in. The frequent answer?? Region: "Catholic"

When you sign up your dependents for health care it asks "relelationship?" The best answer: "We're not having any."

Poor guy is paying for medical and not getting any!


  • Or as long as we are on reading comprehension -
    Poor guy is paying for medical and not getting any!

    I guess I read that as not having any dependents - did you read it as not having any relationships?

    Perhaps someone's tubes (here it comes) have been litigated. :twisted: Or is it "libated"?
    Either one involves the bar.
    Hard to be in the game when there are no players in the court. :roll:

    On the form where it asks for "Sex" I used to put "Yes" until someone informed me that was not what it was asking. Now I think the it asks Gender and I say "Yes, and Kinder too".
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