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"required" work day on a non-scheduled day.

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So here's an interesting question that has come up, and I don't know the answer... I know what I THINK the answer is, but any help someone can offer with more of an HR background would be most appreciated...

Employees at one location have a fixed schedule. They bid on a schedule, and once they have it, it's theirs. Set hours, set days off, etc...

The site is currently short-staffed, and one of the managers decided that it was mandatory for employees to come in on their days off to cover for the shortage (rather than having those working that day fill in the holes). Many of these employees have things planned on their days off, since these are pretty much set in stone.

One employee was not able to come in on his day off, and told the manager when he was asked. He had prior plans with his family that couldn't be changed. He didn't come in to work that day.

The manager is now telling him that unless he can provide documentation from his Dr that he was unable to work that day, he will be marked as AWOL, and him not showing up on his day off will be used against him at review time.

Aside from the fact that this is a Unionized location, and I've already recommended that the employee contact his union liaison, what thoughts do you have on this?


  • In my environment, absolutely everthing is spelled out in excruciating detail in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Is the CBA in your case silent on this issue?
  • rrupertrrupert ✭✭✭
    Agree that the CBA should take precedence, but outside of that there is nothing illegal about holding the failure to be able to work against the employee in a performance review or noting in the file that he was asked to work and refused.
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