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You just got to love stupid

edited May 2013 in Stupid Questions
It has been a long and hard week as most in payroll will admit to. Yesterday as I was warming my lunch a young man from the Tech Services Department came up to me and said:

"Ms. Wanda I know you are off the clock, but can you tell me where I get the forms to change the deductions for Social Security and Medicare, I don't like the amount I pay"

And all I could say was "Really!!!"


  • I had an employee tell me that I owed her a refund because she has medical somewhere else and does not qualify for medicare and that she was not old enough to get social security yet. :roll:
  • I'm sure those forms are out there. You know, the ones that say they are a sovereign citizen and the United States government holds no power over them, blah blah blah. :roll:
  • at a previous job I had an executive tell me that it was really inconvenient to have to pay all of his SS tax at the beginning of the year, and that I should split it up and withhold an equal amount each period through the year, so he wouldn't be inconvenienced by having to worry about it for the first 3 months of the year.

    yes, he capped on SS within the first quarter every year.

    it was really hard to not tell him to go pound salt.
  • How do these people get thru college? I had a new employee who's been thru a 4 year college call and ask me similiar questions about ss/med last week. "But I don't get ss and I'm not old enough for medicare."

    Either you were given a silver spoon and this is your first paying job in life at 25 plus, or you are just stupid.
  • JJacob wrote:
    "But I don't get ss and I'm not old enough for medicare."
    By that logic, only dead people would pay for life insurance... :shock:
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