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Always the helping hand

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So just wondering if any of you have this problem. I’ve been in the payroll field for 17 years now and my last few jobs I’m constantly having to help out the less experienced. I don’t mind helping and I am a team player but when it’s constantly the same people it just gets a little exasperating. The question is do I speak up and say anything to my superiors or just keep my mouth shut? I don’t want to look like a complainer but the situation does affect my mood sometimes. I really try not to let it but it’s hard. On the other hand my current job I’ve only been at for about 6 months and haven’t had a review yet so don’t know if it will be mentioned in my review (past jobs it has not been mentioned how I help out) so should I just suck it up until review time?


  • Hi, I agree with DW...if helping your colleague is having a detrimental effect on your own work being completed on time or accurately, you might consider making appointments with the co-worker to limit the amount of time away from your own projects. Encourage them to take notes they can refer back to in the future...

    When you get to review time and if you've tried the appointment might be able to bring it up as a point around being a team player...working for the good of your department, etc.

    The clue for me was your comment that it affects your mood and not your work...
  • Best option may be to just deal with it.

    If you go up the ladder and say you do not want to help, then you are not a team player, someone who says not my job your job.

    Just don't see how mentioning this works in your benefit.

    Maybe document the process you are being asked to help on, next time help is requested, you can refer them to the document or job aide?
  • Thanks everyone. It's not that it really takes away from my work or projects. It's mainly on payroll day and when I get done I go around asking if anyone needs help and it's ALWAYS the same people. Yet, they never help ME with anything :(
  • Is it generic pr questions? Software related questions? Perhaps, at review time, explain that you are happy helping others and these are the areas you see where we all can get additional training/education. That way, everyone goes through the same process and it helps everyone. If that person keeps needing help after the training, say that it needs to be addressed individually because it’s taking a toll on your health.
  • Little late to the pony ride, but I would bring it up at the review but not as a complaint. Use it to your advantage about how you are helping people and ask to help when your work is completed. If your manager delves a little deeper, then diplomatically, you might say something but if you aren't comfortable or feel like it could be detrimental to you, then leave it be.
  • First I wouldn't say anything.

    Second I would develop a job aide, training manual, or FAQ listing. Document the questions you are receiving, develop the material around the questions.

    This way when you get to the review you can say that you recognized the need for training and developed the documents, trained everyone, etc...

    I'm dong the same right now. 2 months into a new job.
  • Except that some supervisors who keep their fingers on the pulse may not appreciate someone just simply going ahead with this expecially if the supervisor gets surprised with it being brought up during a review instead of when it first became a problem/issue/project...

    IMO based in experience, I've always found that I can foster a good working relationship with my supervisor when they know from the beginning about a project I may be taking on.

    Other people may have more information than yourself...maybe the person looking for all the help had already been instructed to go to one or two particular people...but ends up coming to you to avoid the first two (for whatever reason)...that's called a set-up if I ever heard one.
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